Questions to ask yourself when problem solving

What is the goal of the problem?

Proof? Find x? Find a length? Find an angle measure?

Is there a figure in the diagram with any special properties?

(Isosceles triangle, Parallelogram)

Are there any angle pairs with special names or properties?

(Alt Int, Alt Ext, SS Int, Corresponding, Congruent, Supplementary, Complementary)

What does the given info tell me?

Are there any tick marks, arc marks, or arrow marks?

Are the lines parallel?

Are the conditions of a theorem met?

Is there a valid reason supporting my assumption?

Is there a midpoint or bisector?

Are two values equal, or do they add up to something else?

Am I thinking about/describing the correct angle/line segment?

(Is one point always enough to describe an angle?  How many points do I need to describe a line segment?)


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