Special Right Triangles Worksheet: 1-8

In your notes, you should have diagrams of the 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 triangles, where the smallest side is length 1.

When you encounter a new triangle with the same angles, but different side lengths, you can create a proportion to solve for missing side lengths.  The key is to be consistent.

Examples of Options:




Note: one of these ratios should have no variables!

If your proportion is x/3=y/6, then you can’t actually solve it!

Also, if you remember how to rationalize denominators, great, but I am not going to grade you on not doing that.

You should know though, √a •√a = a.

For example, 3•√2•√2 =3•(√2•√2) = 3•(2) = 6.  Here, √2•√2 was simplified into just 2, and then we could evaluate 3•2, which is 6.

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