p. 465: 2, 3, 7, 8, 27, 28

Identify the congruent angles and corresponding sides.

Example 0f the format of a correct answer: Angle M is congruent to angle Q.

side GH corresponds with side XY

Congruence is a special, more specific type of “corresponding,” sides can correspond with out being congruent, and angles can correspond without being congruent, although corresponding angles will usually be congruent.

Note: You are not identifying what angles are congruent within one shape, you are comparing each angle in one shape to its corresponding angle in the other shape.

To classify corresponding sides, think Small, Medium, and Large.  The smallest side of one shape corresponds with the smallest side of another shape

Similarity: In order for shapes to be similar, the ratios of their corresponding sides must be proportional.  So the ratio of the smallest side in one figure to the smallest side in a similar figure should be equal to the ratio of the medium side in one figure to the medium side of the similar figure.

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