HW#3 p. 24: 4-10

4-6: Don’t strain your eyes too much! If you’re off by a degree or two, that’s okay.  Otherwise, I would first classify the angle as acute or obtuse and then pick the value from the protractor, because if you know it’s acute, then don’t use a number bigger than 90, and so on…

7 and 8: Interior of an angle is just anywhere between the two sides of the angle (the two rays that create an angle).  Create an angle JKM first, and then put a point L somewhere between the two rays (JK and KM).  Then label your diagram according to what the exercises say!

9 and 10: Note the info given in the directions: BD bisects angle ABC! What does that mean and look like on a diagram?

Create different diagrams for both 9 and 10 (they give different info).

Use that info and your diagrams to create an equation, and use what you find from that.

Make sure you find what the exercise is actually asking for!

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