8/26/16- Congruence, Equality, and Labeling Diagrams

Congruence and Equality

Two segments are said to be congruent if their lengths are equal.

Note what words are associated: Lengths<->Equal; Segments<->Congruent.

Two points without the segment symbol above them are read as “The length of…”

Two segments are shown to be congruent using the same number of tick marks on each segment.

See picture below for more details:

Two angles that have equal measures are said to be congruent.

Note: Measures<->Equal; Just the Angles<->Congruent

Congruent angles are shown using the same number of arc marks on each angle.

A little “m” in front of the angle symbol stands for “measure of.” m<ABC is read “the measure of angle ABC.”

See picture below for examples:

 Other Symbols:


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