8/23/16- Key Geometry Terms

Defined Geometry Terms (Cont.)

Ray– part of a line that starts at a point called the endpoint and goes on forever in one direction. Named using the endpoint first followed by another point along the ray (with the ray symbol above the letters) Note: Any second point along the ray can be used, so if there are multiple points on the ray, you can use any of them, after using the endpoint (starting point).

Opposite Rays- Two rays that share a common endpoint, go in different directions, and are collinear.

Parallel- things that don’t intersect. For lines, they need to be on the same plane

Skew- lines that don’t intersect but are not parallel (not on the same plane)

Perpendicular- two objects that intersect at right angles (90º)

Intersection- “stuff” that two “things” have in common.

Dotted Lines on Diagrams- Used to show parts that are behind or below other objects on a diagram.

Day’s Worksheet: Naming Geometric Objects

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