8/22/16- Undefined and Defined Terms and Unpacking Assessments

Unpacking an Assessment

Broken up into two categories: Content Knowledge and Skills

Content Knowledge is usually specific to a subject area (topics in Geometry, Algebra, Chemistry, etc.), while Skills are usually used across subject areas.

For the first assessment in this Geometry class we identified the following terms as necessary Content Knowledge:

Angle, Angle Measure, Point, Degrees, Line Segments, Proper Geometry Terminology/Symbols, Length, Collinear, Width/Height, Top/Bottom/Left/Right, Endpoint, Midpoint, Coordinates, Grid, Units, Graphing/Plotting

Skills: Naming/Labeling, Locating, Measuring, Explaining (Why), Justify, Compare/Contrast, Find/Solve/Determine, Suppose/Imagine/Assume, Folding.

Undefined Terms

These terms have descriptions, but they aren’t considered definitions. In geometry, a defined word needs to be defined in terms of other geometry words.

Point- location or spot in space that has no size. In geometry, this is represented by a dot. Points are named using a single capital, print letter.

Line- object that goes on forever in two directions and has no thickness. Lines are named using two points on the line, or using a single lowercase, cursive letter.

Plane- slice of space that has no thickness and goes on forever in two-dimensions. (Note: Points- no-dimension; Lines- one-dimension). A plane is named using 3 points on the plane, but the points cannot be on the same line, because 3 points on the same line can describe an infinite number of planes that go through them. (Imagine 3 points in a line, and show how many different ways the same piece of paper can hit those 3 points). Planes can also be named using a single, capital, cursive letter.

Undefined Terms

A good resource for explaining this is: http://www.regentsprep.org/regents/math/geometry/gg1/undefinedterms.htm

Defined Terms

Collinear- on the same line

Coplanar- on the same plane

Line Segment- Part of a line contained between two points called endpoints. Line segments are named using the two endpoints with the segment symbol above them.

Defined Terms 1

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