8/18/15- Lesson Overview

Points, Lines, and Planes

Be sure to use the correct methods for naming each figure!

Points- represented using a dot. Labeled using a capital print letter.

Lines- don’t forget the arrows on each end to show it goes on forever. Lines have no thickness. They are labeled using two points on the line, or using a single lowercase letter. When naming them using two points, use the line symbol above the two letters, or you can say line n (or whatever the letter was near the line!)

Plane- flat surfaces that go on forever, a slice of space, has no thickness. Labeled and named by three noncollinear points on the plane, or a capital script letter on the plane. (The 3 points must be noncollinear, because infinitely many planes exist through any three collinear points, even if they’re not shown on the diagram).

Segments- part of a line, consisting of the collection of points between two given points, called the endpoints. Labeled/named by the two endpoints. Named with the two endpoint letters with the “segment” symbol above them (the one without the arrows)

Ray- part of a line starting at an endpoint and extending forever in one direction. Labeled/named using the endpoint and any other point on the ray. When naming, the endpoint must go first, and the ray symbol above the two letters should have the endpoint side above the endpoint letter!

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