7/7 Lesson Overview

Look in your notes for the 6 rules of logarithms to help with HW.

Also, look back and review the rules of raising a number to the power of 1/n.  That is the same as taking the “nth root of the number,” and is the same as asking the question, “What number multiplied by itself n times gives me this base?”

Ex: 4^(1/2) = √4

For 3rd roots, 4th roots and bigger, I can’t do them on a computer, but you have examples in your notes!  Be able to switch back and forth between the radical form and the exponent form.

When I see a question like 16^(1/4), I ask myself, “What number multiplied by itself 4 times gives me 16?”  The answer to that question is 2: Since 2•2•2•2=16, or 2^4=16, 2 is the “fourth root” of 16, or 16^(1/4)=2.

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