7/17 Homework Assignments

Hw#51: As you complete these problems, label them using the 3-digit number at the end of the link.  For example, the first problem below is 624.


Hint for 624: A function is a rule mapping an input to an output, but an input cannot have two outputs for the same input.  Two different inputs can have the same output though.

http://www.illustrativemathematics.org/illustrations/635                  only do c, d, and e


Hint for 630: f(-4)=10 means that when x=-4, y=10.  What coordinate point represents that? If you are having trouble with part b, know that for part a, I can say that -4 is a solution for f(x)=10.





Hint for 599: Choose an example “parent function,”  f(x) = ____, and then think about f(x+h) and f(x)+f(h).


Hint for 649: Note the scale of each graph.  They are not all the same!



Hint for 640: What is a reasonable vertex?  What are reasonable x-intercepts?  What direction is the parabola opening up in?  Which function matches those answers?  Remember: y=(x-a)(x-b) tells you (a,0) and (b,0) are x-intercepts.  y=(x-h)^2+k tells you that (h, k) is the vertex.  When you multiply it out, is the leading coefficient negative or positive?


Hint for 375: The height of the springboard is the height that the diver starts at.

HW#52 p. 312-313 WE: 1, 5, 9

Graph (use a table of values, plot example points): y=x^3; y=x^1/2;  y= x^1/3;  y=log(x)

HW#53 p.521 EE: 9, 13; p. 517 WE: 45, 47


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