5/15/17- More Probability

Students should continue from p. 560 #4, as far as they can go. The goal is to get to p. 620.

Skip Activity Practice Sections, unless you feel the section was unclear and you need more practice!

Vocab: (* words are not found in SpringBoard, but are challenges, should you choose to take them on!)

Probability, Sample Space, Event, Complement, And vs. Or situations, Two-Way Frequency Tables, *Joint Relative Frequency, *Marginal Relative Frequency,

For “Joint Relative Frequency” and “Marginal Relative Frequency”, consider the uses of the words joint and margin: “It was a joint effort” “They live on the margins of society.” Explain how each has been used in its sentence.

Now look at the following task and try to make sense of the terms using context clues and the table for problems e-i: https://www.illustrativemathematics.org/content-standards/HSS/ID/B/5/tasks/2044

Venn Diagrams

Vocab: Venn Diagram, Intersection, Complement, Union, Mutually Exclusive


Goal: http://faculty.atu.edu/mfinan/actuarieshall/Pbook.pdf go to p. 55, 63, 67, 73, and 81 for practice problems!

Topic Log 1: Unit 3 Filled out Topic Log

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