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6-4A- Special Parallelograms

Here is the completed WS 6-4A: 6-4A 6-4A (back)

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Try to label and create as much information as you can for each of the trapezoids above, using the keywords given and your prior knowledge of each of those terms. Diagonal, midsegment, and midpoint are * because they may be … Continue reading

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1.) Don’t forget the definitions of equilateral, equiangular, and regular. 2-5.) What lengths are you given?  Side?  Diagonal?  Think, what lengths are congruent?  What lengths are half of others? 6.) What shape is ABCD?  What does that tell you about … Continue reading

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Consider these 4 quadrilaterals. Categorize each based off of what is specifically labeled. How is each shape the same or different from the others? Can any of the shapes fall under the same category?

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