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Biconditional Statements

Warm-up: What is the definition of a “birthday?”  Can you write the “definition” or rules of declaring a day someone’s birthday as an “If… Then…” statement (conditional)? Hopefully your answers look something like this: A birthday is the day that … Continue reading

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Law of Detachment

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In mathematical notation for conditionals, the Law of Detachment states: Mediocre definition from your book:  If p –> q is a true statement and p is true then q is true. The way you usually encounter it in given problems: If p –> q is a … Continue reading

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Law of Syllogisms

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You most likely use the Law of Syllogisms on a daily basis.  The general idea of it is used in a Direct TV commercial.  Just replace every time the narrator says “when” with “if,” and you have yourself a whole … Continue reading

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Conditional Statements

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Usually in life, when you think about a certain event, there were some other events surrounding it that allowed it to happen. You could call the things necessary for an event to occur the conditions under which the event can … Continue reading

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Ear Training

Just 5 minutes with this program everyday will make a world of difference in your musicianship!

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Useful Websites

This site is great for revisiting old concepts and understanding new ones: Khan Academy    

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