Final Review Materials

Every student received the following as a guide for what to study for the final, and as a sheet of paper to be written on as a “cheat sheet”: 1st-semester-concepts-2016

This document has my brief overview/explanation of each topic discussed this semester. 1st-semester-concepts-with-explanations

This is the first final review packet passed out in class: s1_review-1 (better to get it from me in person, this document has some issues with the layout). Make sure to take note of problems with mistakes, or ones that were mistakenly included that you don’t have to do. I will update as that comes up.

Here are the answers to that review packet: s1_review_answers

For even more practice, follow these directions:

Go to:

Click on “SpringBoard”- log in using Username: “S_ _ _ _ _ _” (where the 6 dashes are your ID number) and PW: _ _ _ _ _ _ (Where the password is your 6 digit birthday, ex: 012301 for jan 23 2001)

There you should see an assignment “Geometry Final Review” that you can work through.


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