1/31/17- Special Right Triangles

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Answers: 1.a:

6 because 3•6=18. The important consideration here, is that we just “know” that 3•6 =18, but we should think about how, or why, 6 is the answer. Really, what we do, is find 18/3, which gives us our answer of 6. For the question, what is the multiplier from “this” to “that,” we do “that” divided by “this.”  So for less easy problems, like what is the multiplier from 17 to 1,397, where you don’t “just know it,” we know how to solve the problem, just do 1,397/17, and you’ll have your answer.

Also of note, is that when I use the word “multiplier,” it’s really the same thing as “scale factor.” A scale factor is a multiplier, so the question could have just as easily been written: “What is the scale factor from 3 to 18?”

b. .5 or 1/2

c. y/x

2. Triangle QRS is an isosceles right triangle. x = 45º, z = 2, and then by the pythagorean theorem y=2√2 (which is the simplest radical form version of √8)

3. Triangle ABC is equilateral, m<A=60º, and AC=5.

We then reviewed a little bit more on Geometric Mean, and then took notes on Special Right Triangles:

We then worked on the following worksheet:Front: Special Right Triangles Back: Multi-Step Special Right Triangle Problems

Watch the following video for a walk through of a Special Right Triangle problem: https://youtu.be/kLloLsodPzI


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