1/25/17- EA3.1 and Geometric Mean

First, students checked their answers to homework assignments for the first 30 minutes.

Students then had 30 minutes to complete Embedded Assessment 1 in Unit 3 (p.273-274).

For the last 30 minutes:

Geometric Mean

Ex.) Find the number whose square is the product of 4 and 16.

Interpret the above statement as x^2=4•16 -> x^2=64, so x=8.

We say that 8 is the geometric mean of 4 and 16.

The geometric mean of two numbers is the number whose square is equal to the two numbers’ product.

If x^2=a•b or x=sqrt(a•b), then x is the geometric mean of a and b.

We then completed the following WS: Geometric Mean

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