12/12/16- Review Day

Students check answers for Unit 2 Review, and received one more review sheet for Unit 2 practice on Quadrilaterals. There will be a test on Tuesday (students who want more time to study are permitted to push it back until the following class day).

Worksheet passed out:




Your last test on Transformations and Quadrilaterals is either tomorrow or Wednesday, which ever you prefer.

You will have answer keys available for the second review sheet tomorrow in class or on my website this afternoon.

Students who choose not to take the test tomorrow will need to be doing work silently.

Your last test is open notes.

You have a list of key concepts that you can fill out front and back of as a cheat sheet for the final.

You will be receiving more review packets after the test tomorrow.

There will be an online component to your review through springboard, which I will show you how to access tomorrow.

The last day for retakes/turning in late work is next Tuesday, the day before finals.

DO NOT take your final, look at your grade, and then try to bring your grade up.

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