11/30/16- PBA 2 and Special Quadrilaterals

The Warm-Up below was to remind students of key ideas needed for PBA 2:













Answers: 1. Rotation 90º counterclockwise about the origin 2. Translation 3 units left 4 units down. 3. Reflection across the y-axis 4. Rotation 180º about the origin. 5. 11x-3

Reminder that expression is not an equation, and that sides of a triangle do not add up to 180º!

We then went on to the following worksheet:


We only filled out the section for Kite, Parallelogram, and Rhombus.

The section for the Kite was done using your notes from Tuesday, and then just correctly labeling the diagram with arc marks, tick marks, or right angle boxes accordingly for each property.

To come up with properties for Parallelograms, students were encouraged to consider the following word bank, basically taking one word from each row to construct a property that might be true about the shape (beyond the given definition)

Choose one word from each row to word definitions or properties:

Consecutive, Opposite, Base

Side, Angle, Diagonal

Bisect, Congruent, Supplementary, Perpendicular

The worksheet should look like this at the end of the period (with each definition and property written in words as well as labeled on symbols):

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