11/21/16- Triangle Theorems Review

We worked on two review sheets:



For the “Angles on Triangles” worksheet, students were reminded about the direction to give the reason(s) used to solve the problem. (The (s) means it may be only one or more than one reason used for a problem!) Basically, your options of reasons are: Triangle Sum Thm, Exterior Angle Thm, Isosceles Triangle Thm (All learned on Friday 11/18), Vertical Angles Thm, Def. of Linear Pair. Show your work, and label it with your reasons!

For “Proving Triangles Congruent” the front is basically like a lot of the Warm-Up problems for “excerpts from flow-chart proofs.” Use the information given (Put it in a box with the word “Given” underneath it) and say something that follow from it. Hint: Reasons on the front (not necessarily in this order) are: Def. of Midpoint, Def. of Bisect, Alt. Int <‘s Thm, Converse of the Alt Int <‘s Thm.

On the back, use other Triangle congruence proofs in your notes as guidance for these problems.

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