10/21/16- Intro to Transformations

First we unpacked EA2.1 (Unit 2, Embedded Assessment 1) on p. 141, which entailed circling skills (why/explain, describe, write, propose/give) and underlining key math terms (translation, rigid motion, composition of rigid motions, lines of symmetry, congruence, mapping, vertices)

We then worked through pages 103-105 ALL problems.

We also took notes on the following terms:

Transformation– change in the shape, size, position, or orientation of a figure.

Pre-image– original figure, before its transformation.

Image– result of a transformation.

Rigid Motion (Rigid Transformation)– does not affect the size or shape of a figure, but does alter its position and/or orientation.

Function Notation (Arrow Notation)– Describes what generally happens to an (x, y) coordinate for a given transformation.

(x, y) –> (     ,      ) [the arrow is read as “is mapped to” and the first blank part in the parenthesis show what happens to x, and the second blank part shows what happens to y under the given transformation.

Ex.) (x, y) –> (x +3, 2y) means take the x value of your pre-image point and add 3 to it, and take the y value of your pre-image point and multiply it by 2.

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